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L’impegno della Cooperativa nella progettazione europea e nella cooperazione transnazionale nasce dalla propensione della cooperativa a sviluppare in modo costante il know-how di tutti i suoi servizi anche attraverso il confronto con partner provenienti da diversi contesti. Ciò consente la sistematizzazione e la diffusione di modelli innovativi di intervento, rafforzando un approccio multidisciplinare che è da sempre caratteristica operativa della Cooperativa mediante:
-la realizzazione di ricerche e studi in grado di approfondire l’analisi della domanda sociale dei territori finalizzata alla corretta interpretazione dei bisogni e alla pianificazione di interventi mirati
-lo sviluppo di interventi operativi impostati alla logica di reti multi-agency ai diversi livelli nazionali e transnazionali.

The Social Cooperative San Saturnino onlus was constituted in 1989, although its origins and first steps date back to 1980 when it collaborated with the city government in launching an initial experiment of Domestic Assistance for the Elderly carried out in Rome.
Over the years, the considerable diversification of the activities performed has allowed the cooperative to operate in several jurisdictions/districts of the city of Rome and to use its unique expertise of competences and experience to respond to the various needs of a wide range of users: migrants, children, elderly, homeless, ROMA people, drug addicts.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years through direct contact with citizens, the cooperative aims to respond in the most appropriate way to actual needs, offering direct services to the individual while always keeping in mind the quality requested and specified by institutional structures.
In carrying out the mission, the Social Cooperative San Saturnino considers itself an active player participating, in close collaboration with institutional structures, non-profits and the formal and informal resources in the geographical area, in constructing the well-being of the community and the social integration of citizens through the promotion, planning and realization of psychological, social health and educational services.
Committed to
1.The implementation of services directed to the person and the family aimed at improving the quality of life of every citizen/user;
2.The activation of processes of socialization for the person to stimulate paths of social solidarity, acceptance of diversity, non-discrimination;
3.The development of interventions aimed at preventing disadvantage among individual citizens or at-risk groups;
4.Fostering access to information about rights and services,
SANSAT pursues its own development by means of
1.Networking in the surrounding area
2.Innovation in its services
3.Professionalism of its workers
4.Organizational quality
in order to understand the transforming nature of needs and to respond to the increasing complexity of the demands of social life.
San Saturnino is an ISO 9001 certified organization for quality. In managing its sundry services, the Cooperative makes use of a qualified organizational system and diversified human and professional resources: social workers, psychologists, pedagogues, educators, home health care-givers, childcare workers etc. SANSAT currently employees 130 fulltime and part time staff.
It is organized in four operational areas:
Elderly Area: San Saturnino began its activities in elderly affairs, consolidating over the years the experience in services destined for the “no longer young.” In the ‘80s it worked towards carrying out in-home care services, continuing in the ‘90s constructing opportunities for socialization allowing the interventions to be put to the test outside of homes; it has developed an important in-home assistance, residential and semi-residential assistance.
Social Inclusion Area: The services of this area arise from the Cooperative’s long history of work and involvement in the sector of social marginalization and mental disturbance. In particular, the services of emergency care and social emergency have allowed us over the years to come to know and analyse the phenomena linked to numerous and heterogeneous expressions of distress in society, observing the difficulties, abandonment and chronic condition of people left to face the most complex aspects of social life on their own.
Children and Youth Area: This Area defined itself as “Services for childhood and adolescence” after various years’ work aimed at contributing to the construction of a shared, scientific and up-to-date culture of childhood and adolescence.
Project Office: in which the local, national and European projects and transnational cooperation are developed

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